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Biblical Evangelism:

If we want God’s results we need to do it God’s way.  If we don’t do it God’s way we won’t get any results at all.  Thus evangelizing biblically, based on God’s written Word, is not just a way it is THE way to evangelize.  BTW, evangelizing is simply sharing the Gospel.  Tony Miano has written a very good and succint article which defines biblical evangelism

Since communication can either only be spoken (Romans 10:14-17; 1 Corinthians 9:16) or written (1 John 5:13) then we evangelize using:

The written word: Tracts or Online

Speech: One-to-One or in the Open Air


Evangelism Resources Quick Links:

Our Blog:  Springstolife Blog

Our Calendar:  Springstolife Calendar

 Springstolife Custom Tracts

 Good Biblical Christ centered blogs:

The Informed Evangelist (Jon Speed’s Blog)

IANA Ministries (Our Friends in Colorado Springs)

WaterSource Ministries (Our Friends in Northern Colorad/Denver)




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