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Be encouraged because there is something you can do. There is something you can do about the spiraling moral decay.  There is something you can do about the lack of decent “main stream” candidates.  There is something you can do directly to save babies from being murdered in their mothers’ wombs.  You can do all […]

Top 10 Common Questions What about folks you never heard the Gospel People don’t go to hell for failing to hear the Gospel, but by sinning. Sin is the transgression of the law My God is loving and forgiving and won’t send me to hell Idolatry creates a God in his own image. Would you […]

We went out with a group to the St. Patrick’s day parade to preach the Gospel. We had a dear friend who joined us who, as far as I know, had never went out to the streets to be a witness before. The reports that I got back was that, with a set determination and […]

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