Top 10 Common Questions

  1. What about folks you never heard the Gospel
    1. People don’t go to hell for failing to hear the Gospel, but by sinning. Sin is the transgression of the law
  2. My God is loving and forgiving and won’t send me to hell
    1. Idolatry creates a God in his own image. Would you let someone go that raped and murdered a love one?
  3. Why is there suffering in the world?
    1. This is the result of sin. (draw near to God)
  4. I’m already saved, but evidence show they are not walking with the Lord
    1. Show them the sin the they are committing and that no sinners will have a place in heaven
  5. I don’t believe in God
    1. All things have a creator. Look at the building or painting.
    2. Just because you do not believe in something does not make it true
    3. Romans 1 is clear, there are no true atheist, everyone believes in God they just suppress the truth in righteousness. Share the Gospel anyway and let the Word of God do its work
  6. I don’t believe the Bible was the true word of God it was written by man
    1. Who writes the letter the pen or the person?
    2. Examine all the fulfilled prophecies in the Bible
  7. I confess my sins and God forgives me all the time
    1. Take him through the civil law. What happens when you are found guilty of going 50 over in a school zone?
  8. Sure I lie but does that make me a bad person
    1. How many times do you have to lie to make you a liar
    2. If you lie to a child there are no consequences. If you lie to your wife you could spend the night on the couch. If you lie in court you could go to jail. If you lie to God… the lie is the same each time but the consequences get more severe.
  9. It is narrow minded to believe Christianity is the only way
    1. Jesus says “The true and the way…” Take them through the 10 commandments
    2. The truth is narrow. Don’t you want your airline pilot or surgeon to be narrow minded?
  10. I don’t agree with you, you should not cram religion down people throats
    1. I care about you and have no idea when you are going to die. I don’t want you to go to Hell