We went out with a group to the St. Patrick’s day parade to preach the Gospel. We had a dear friend who joined us who, as far as I know, had never went out to the streets to be a witness before. The reports that I got back was that, with a set determination and a stack of tracts, he was about the business of handing out gospel tracts.

The number that he handed out is irrelevant, but for each tract he handed he preached the Gospel. It does not matter if every tract was read or if no tract was read. You see when we stand up and preach the gospel, many people hear and many people close their ears and do not hear. It is not up to us to give them ears to hear, that is up to the Holy Spirit. So regardless of whether people hear, when the gospel is preached the gospel is preached. In the same way, for each tract he handed out the gospel was preached. It was not up to this man to make them read the tract it was only up to him to hand them out. In his obedience he preached the gospel and then left it up to the Holy Spirit to determine the outcome.

And thus with tracts, and though he had little to no experience in preaching the gospel or going out to be a witness, he was an effective witness for Christ and preached the gospel many, many times in one day.

Are tracts and effective means for preaching the Gospel? Is the Holy Spirit the power that transforms, brings repentance, conviction of sins and draws people to Jesus Christ? If the latter is true then the former is true. If the latter is false then the former is false.

Go preach the gospel today. Go hand out gospel tracts.