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Stairway to Heaven











Want to Know More?

Join us at a coffee house near you to learn more about God, Jesus, Christianity and the bible in a friendly Question and Answer atmosphere.  Please send us an email at to set up a date and time.  We’ll spring for the coffee.


Though you don’t get to heaven by going to church, a good church will prepare you for the spiritual battle you have just entered. Here are some good churches in Colorado Springs OR Find out how to recognize a good church.


If you have repented and believe in Jesus as your Lord and savior, get to know Him better!

Shouldn’t you get to know God before getting to heaven? Wouldn’t you want to get to know the God who created you and gave you life? Be wise, get to know the God that sent His only son and paid the ultimate price for your sins.

Christianity Explored

      • Location: Rocky Mtn. Calvary
      • Schedule: May 10 – June 28, 2015 / 9:00am – 10:15am
      • What:  This class explores the life of Jesus and the big questions of life.
      • Cost:  None.  This is a free class
      • Register: click here to register

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